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Welcome to the Green Cleaning Network.  Our mission is to “connect the dots” throughout the global cleaning industry including building owners and managers, cleaning service providers, product manufacturers, labor unions, environmental advocates, health experts, trade associations, government agencies and others to develop tools, share information, and educate the global marketplace with a goal to accelerate the adoption of Green Cleaning to benefit human health, the environment and the bottom-line.

Green Cleaning is the effective and efficient use of products and services that reduce the health and environmental impacts compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose.  Green Cleaning is a platform that can be used to transform the industry from its current focus on cost and appearances to one that focuses on protecting human health while creating a more sustainable future for all.

This website is designed to “connect the dots” by encouraging tools, standards, certifications, credentials, training and other programs that can help users get to their destination, whichever route they choose.  Our goal is to make resources and tools for implementing Green Cleaning available to cleaning professionals, facility and property managers, policymakers, advocates, third-party certifiers, and other organizations around the globe  In the process, we hope to facilitate learning, assist with problem-solving and promote the adoption of Green Cleaning in schools and universities, health care, sport facilities, government and commercial office buildings, hospitality and lodging, retail, multi-family and many other institutional and commercial settings.  

Together we can make the cleaning industry – the people who work in it and the building occupants that we serve – better, safer, healthier and more sustainable.


      Programs must consider the needs of local markets.  While every country shares the goal to protect human health and the environment, but the current status of the local cleaning industry may vary significantly.  Thus programs shall be based on a global framework and tailored to the specific needs of the local industry allowing each to advance towards the goal at their pace.

      Programs must consider cost and technical issues, especially during the early steps to minimize barriers for small and mid-sized companies.

      Programs must engage governments, property management companies, building owners and the like to create demand in the marketplace.

      Engagement, transparency, continual improvement and a commitment to protecting health and the environment are the keys to long term success.

Globally there may be unique issues in each country.  Regardless, the goal remains the same- building a strong and professional cleaning industry focused on protecting building occupant and workers health, while reduce adverse impacts on the environment.


Together, we can make a difference for the environment and protecting human health

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      Create a global movement that promotes the importance of cleaning as a cost-effective health protection strategy, while minimizing adverse impacts on the environment.

      Develop strategies, standards, certifications, credentials, training and other programs that support all parts of the cleaning industry including cleaning personnel, service providers, product manufacturers, distributors, facility managers and other purchasers.

      Move the global cleaning industry beyond just the use of Green products towards becoming greener and more sustainable companies themselves.

      Mentor the next generation of leaders in the cleaning industry.

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